Educational Waveforms Pilates Workshops

There is not always time in a class to give out the amount of information we would like on specific areas of interest–and to keep the workout moving.  Workshops give our instructors and special guests an opportunity to teach more about various topics of interest.  Workshops include: practical exercises for at-home, light snacks and refreshments, and hands-on learning.

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Our Previous Workshops 

Where’s Your Head At? – Exploring Forward Head Posture

October 2016 – When is the last time you were driving and felt your headrest?  How often do you feel the backrest of your chair while sitting at the computer?  Where do you hold your phone when you are texting or swiping? Explore the issue of forward-head posture and how it effects our posture, shoulders, and neck pain.  Learn effective corrective exercises and Pilates tools to help combat this, and increase your awareness on this culturally relevant issue to bring your head back to your spine.

Two-feet forward – A look a the body from sole to spine

May 2016 we discussed feet in our workshop “Two-Feet Forward” –weight distribution, proper tracking of the ankle, knee, and hip joints, and release work for our feet.  Learning exercises for the feet and the important of “foot fitness”, a often neglected part of the body in fitness routines.

IMG_2511“I loved that there was a lot of variety packed into one event – food, exercise, and education.” -Workshop Attendee

“Very helpful, interesting, and very well done.  The presenter knew the material really well, and I felt it was relevant to my life.” -Workshop Attendee


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